Thursday, 25 July 2013

Caring for the Environment

Caring for the environment means a lot to us so we do our very best to try and help our world.

We take our time to choose products that have been ethically sourced.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Van

Our mobile coffee van runs on diesel, she does on average around 70mpg and can only travel at speeds of around 40-50mph.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Coffee

The coffee we use is Fairtrade, and is ethically sourced.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Tea

We only serve tea which has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Hot Chocolate 

The hot chocolate is the delicious world-famous Cadbury's which is Fairtrade certified.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Milk 

Our milk is organic and we always recycle our cartons.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Sugar

Both the brown and white sugar we use to add a little sweetness to our drinks is Fairtrade.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Cups and Packaging

All of our cups, lids and other packaging fully recyclable and bio-degradable.  

Little Coffee Camper - Our Cleaning Products

We choose cleaning products which have bio-degradable and recyclable packaging.

Little Coffee Camper - Our Waste

  • Coffee - Our coffee is composted
  • Tea - Our tea bags are composted
  • Milk - Our milk cartons are recycled
  • Cups - Our cups and lids are recyclable
  • Stirrers - Ours stirrers are wooden and 
  • Bags - We only use bags which are made from recycled materials
  • Napkins - We only use napkins which are made from recycled materials

We are continually looking for more ways in which to help the environment...but we are doing well so far :-)

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