Monday, 7 April 2014

We love TEA too :-)

We love tea too 
Did you know The Little Coffee Camper has over 25 different varieties of tea available?!
Whether you like Everyday Tea, English Breakfast, Earl & Lady Grey, Green Tea or White Tea...we've got it covered!
We also have a HUGE selection of herbal and fruit tea 

Here is a current list of our tea selection...

~ Everyday Tea ~

Yorkshire Tea
Twinings Everyday
Twinings English Breakfast
Twinings Earl Grey
Twinings Lady Grey

~ Speciality Tea ~
Green Tea
(light, delicate & refreshing)

Green Tea
Decaffeinated Green Tea
Green Tea with Mint
Green Tea with Lemon
Green Tea with Jasmine
Green Tea with Raspberry
Green Tea with Cranberry
Green Tea with Apple & Pear
Green Tea with Pomegranate
Green Tea with Pineapple & Grapefruit
Green Tea with Orange & Lotus Flower

~ White Tea ~
(light, delicate & refreshing)

White Tea
White Tea with Pomegranate

~ Speciality Tea ~
Naturally Caffeine Free

Peppermint (cool & refreshing)
Camomile (delicate & mellow)
Lemon (vibrant & refreshing)
Pomegranate (fruity & exotic)
Blackcurrant (sweet & tangy)
Cranberry & Orange (refreshingly dry & tangy)
Strawberry & Forest Fruits (fruity & tangy)
Orange, Lemon & Lime (vibrant & zesty)
Lemon, Ginger & Mango (fruity & spicy)
Lemongrass & Citrus Fruit (zingy & refreshing)

We are always adding fabulous new flavours 
to our selection so be sure to check back soon 
to see what's new!

The Little Coffee Camper - Mobile Coffee Van in Essex - Tea Selection

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