Our Coffee

Our drinks are served in 2 sizes ~  The Little 'Un is an 8oz cup and The Big 'Un is a 12oz cup

  • Espresso ~ Single or double shot of fresh ground coffee, served in a 4oz cup
  • Americano ~ Espresso simply topped with water, available with or without milk
  • Latte ~ Espresso blended with creamy steamed milk, deliciously smooth
  • Cappuccino ~ Espresso blended with creamy steamed milk, deliciously smooth with a layer of foam
  • Macchiato ~ Espresso topped with just a touch of foam
  • Mocha ~ Espresso with a shot of chocolate syrup, steamed and foamed milk 
  • De-Caff ~ Great tasting coffee without the caffeine :-)
  • Flavoured Syrup ~ A delicious shot of syrup, we have a wide selection that can be added to any of our drinks...they go perfectly with a Latte :-)

All drinks are made with fresh local milk; Full, Semi, Skimmed and Soya are always available.

Brown and White Fairtrade Sugar is available.

Our Other Drinks

  • Tea ~ We know how to make a proper cup of tea!  A wide selection of herbal tea's are always available.  Take a look at our We Love TEA too! page to see what's on offer.
  • Hot Chocolate ~  We make our hot chocolate with the delicious Cadbury's, made all foamed with fresh milk, fresh cream, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows...always a firm favourite :-)  Why not add a shot of Mint, Orange or Hazelnut Syrup?  
  • Skinny Hot Chocolate ~ Simply made with low calorie Options Hot Chocolate and hot water

Children's Hot Drinks

  • Baby Chino ~ Warm foamed milk sprinkled with chocolate
  • Munchkin Mocha ~  Like a grown up mocha but without the coffee!  Warm steamed and foamed milk, a shot of chocolate, chocolate and marshmallows on top 

We always have a selection of cold drinks available including bottles of mineral water and fruit juices.

Don't forget to look out for our yummy home-made treats too!  We have home-made cookies, cupcakes and biscuits to compliment your choice of drink perfectly :-)